Names That Mean Empty: A Guide to Uncommon and Intriguing Monikers

Choosing a name for your child is an important decision that will stay with them forever. You might be interested in finding a unique name with a deeper meaning, like names that mean “empty.” As unconventional as it might seem, these names can hold immense significance and convey a profound message.

Derived from various cultures and languages, “empty” names can symbolize vastness, openness, and the infinite possibilities life holds. Throughout history, people have associated emptiness with space for growth and development. By selecting a name that means “empty,” you can give your child an intriguing and thought-provoking identity.

In this article, we will explore some fascinating names that carry this unique meaning. Dive into the world of names that signify “empty” and discover the captivating stories and cultural influences behind each of these options.

Understanding The Meaning of ‘Empty’ in Names

When you’re exploring names that mean empty or represent a sense of nothingness, it’s important to understand the cultural and historical context behind these fascinating titles. Interestingly, some people choose names with “empty” meanings to symbolize qualities like humility, minimalism, or simplicity.

In your search for names that mean empty, you will find options from different cultural backgrounds and languages, demonstrating the universality of this concept. For example, Wukong is a Chinese name meaning “awakened to emptiness.” This name represents a balance between enlightenment and the notion of empty space.

Another interesting choice is Cassiah, a Latin and English name meaning “vain” or “empty.” Its variant, Cassia, also carries the same meaning. These names often inspire deep contemplation about one’s role in society and existence.

Names that mean empty can also come from nature, like Choncha, a Spanish-derived name meaning “an empty shell of an animal.” This unique name invites consideration of the connection between emptiness and growth.

While browsing through names that mean nothing or signify emptiness, bear in mind that the meaning behind a name depends not only on a literal translation but also on cultural significance and interpretation. It’s essential to thoroughly explore the history and symbolism of your chosen name to better appreciate its true impact.

As you delve deeper into the fascinating world of names symbolizing emptiness and the inherent meaning behind them, remember that each name is a reflection of human experience and emotion. Embrace the journey and enjoy discovering names like Euna, a unique name derived from Scottish origins that signifies “hunger” or “emptiness.”

Overall, finding the perfect name that means empty or nothing can be a profound exploration of self-discovery, philosophy, and immeasurable beauty found within the simplest of spaces.

English Names Signifying ‘Empty’

As you search for the perfect baby name, you might be interested in names that have a unique meaning. In this section, we’ll explore some English names that signify ’empty.’ Whether you’re looking for a girl’s name, a boy’s name, or even a middle name, these options are worth considering.

‘Holden’ is a name of English origin, and although it is not directly related to the meaning ’empty,’ it carries a sense of hollow, or lacking. This could be a suitable choice for your baby boy, especially if you want something with an elusive meaning.

Another name for a baby boy that has a similar connotation is ‘Cory’. This name is of English origin and is said to mean “hollow.” While not the exact same as ’empty’, it still captures a similar concept.

For a baby girl, you might want to consider the name ‘Cassia.’ It is a variant of the Latin name ‘Cassiah,’ which means “futile, empty, or vain.” This unique name has both Latin and English origins and would make for a beautiful first or middle name for your little one.

Additionally, there are some names that are suitable for both boys and girls, such as ‘Cassie.’ This name has English roots and means “vain” or “empty.” It is a short and sweet name that could be the perfect addition to your list of potential baby names.

Lastly, there are some related names with the same underlying meanings of ’empty’ or ‘void.’ These include names like ‘Cassius,’ ‘Cassios,’ and ‘Cassyan.’ While these names don’t come directly from English origins, they still carry the essence of the concept you’re drawn to.

When choosing any of these names, remember that the meaning does not define your baby’s personality or character. These unique names are simply a way to express your own individuality and creativity in choosing a name for your beloved child. Have fun exploring these options and trust your instincts when selecting the perfect name for your little one.

Latin Names That Mean Empty

Choosing a unique name for your baby can be a fun and meaningful process. If you’re looking for names with a specific meaning, consider these Latin names that represent ’empty’:

Cassius: This distinct Latin name, derived from the word ‘cassus’, signifies ’empty’ or ‘vain’. Not only does Cassius have historical significance – with several early saints and notable figures sharing the name – but it also carries a powerful undertone, perfect for a strong-willed child.

Cashus: A lesser-known alternative to Cassius, Cashus also holds the meaning ’empty’ or ‘vain’ in Latin. It shares the same roots with Cassius and represents a more unconventional choice for parents looking to deviate from mainstream names.

As you weigh your options, keep in mind the historical context and the unique attributes of each name to help you find the perfect fit for your child. Whether you’re drawn to the strong history of Cassius or the rarity of Cashus, both names embody a term that can spark curiosity and intrigue.

Arabic Names Implying Emptiness

When you’re searching for a unique name with a meaningful connotation, consider Arabic names that embody a sense of emptiness. These names can be both intriguing and thought-provoking, while also reflecting Arabic culture and heritage. Here are some Arabic names implying emptiness that you might find appealing.

Khali: This name is derived from the Arabic word “khalā'”, which means empty or vacant. In addition, it bears a striking resemblance to the term “Rub’ al Khali” or the Empty Quarter, a vast sand desert in the Arabian Peninsula. Khali can be a suitable name for either girls or boys, making it a versatile choice.

Khaliyah: A beautiful variation of the name Khali, Khaliyah also means “empty” in Arabic. This name has a more feminine touch, making it a fitting choice for a baby girl. You can find more about Khaliyah.

Shafariyanti: Though not a common Arabic name, Shafariyanti is a captivating option that conveys the essence of emptiness. Its unique sound and meaning make it stand out when you’re looking for a distinctive name for your child.

In selecting an Arabic name which implies emptiness, you can express a profound, reflective perspective while honoring the rich linguistic and cultural roots of the language. Each of these names offers a distinctive way to celebrate the beauty and depth of the Arabic language, while bestowing your child with a name that carries significance and individuality.

Names With The Meaning ‘Empty’ in Chinese

You might find it interesting to explore Chinese names with the meaning ’empty’. In Chinese culture, names carry deep meanings and often reflect one’s characteristics or aspirations. Let’s take a look at some Chinese names that convey the concept of emptiness.

One notable name is Sun Wukong, the Monkey King in the famous Chinese novel, Journey to the West. Sun Wukong’s name is derived from the Chinese characters 悟空, which symbolizes awakening to emptiness. The name combines the characters 悟 (wù) meaning “enlightenment” or “awakening”, and 空 (kōng) meaning “empty” or “hollow”.

Another name worth mentioning is Zhalu. While it is not a common name, the characters 扎 (zhā) and 路 (lù) could be interpreted as piercing through a road or pathway, suggesting the idea of an empty space. This name might resonate with those who are fond of unique and symbolic names or appreciate the concept of finding their path in life’s emptiness.

When choosing a Chinese name that signifies emptiness, it’s essential to think about how the name’s meaning aligns with your values and aspirations. Names like Sun Wukong and Zhalu may represent different interpretations of emptiness, but they both carry a profound message and symbolic meaning.

Finding a Chinese name with the meaning ’empty’ might seem challenging, but with a bit of exploration and imagination, you can find a unique and meaningful name that resonates with you. So go ahead, dive into the fascinating world of Chinese names, and embrace the beauty of emptiness in your name.

Unique Names That Indicate Emptiness

In your search for unique and meaningful names, you may find yourself intrigued by names that symbolize emptiness or a sense of void. Here, we present a few one-of-a-kind names that carry this fascinating theme.

Akeru is a rare and interesting name with Japanese origins. In Japanese, ‘Akeru’ signifies “to open” or “to become empty.” With its minimal and elegant sound, Akeru can be a great option for a modern and appealing name carrying the theme of emptiness.

Kuuhaku also comes from Japanese origin, meaning “empty” or “blank.” Its exotic sound and the cultural richness associated with Japan make Kuuhaku stand out as a distinctive choice. This name could be particularly appealing if you admire Japanese language and traditions.

Another attractive option is Cassius, with its roots in English and Latin. This name for boys signifies vanity, which may lead the person to feel empty. Cassius is well-suited for those who are seeking a strong-sounding name with an intriguing meaning.

Corley, an Irish-origin name, means “an empty space in a hill”. It is a gender-neutral name and a great pick if you’re looking for a name that’s both uncommon and meaningful.

Lastly, inspired by the emptiness theme, you can consider Choncha, a unique name from Spanish origin meaning “an empty shell of an animal”. Choncha is specifically used for girls and stands out as a beautiful and unusual name.

Exploring names that signify emptiness shows the beauty and depth hidden in these unique choices. It allows you to appreciate the different languages, cultures, and meanings behind the names and find something that resonates with you.

Names That Mean ‘Empty’ in Different Languages

When you’re searching for names with a unique meaning, you might come across names that mean ’empty’. Luckily, a variety of languages offer some interesting names, each with their own story and cultural significance. Here’s a friendly guide to help you explore some options in different languages, including Sanskrit, Spanish, Irish, and Polish.

In Sanskrit, “shoonya” means empty or void. A beautiful name with this meaning could be Shunya, which can be used for both boys and girls. It has a spiritual touch, as it represents the concept of emptiness in Buddhist philosophy.

Spanish names can be both meaningful and melodic. One example of a Spanish name with an ’empty’ meaning is “Concha,” which translates to “an empty shell of an animal.” Not only does it hold the meaning of emptiness, but it’s also a popular name in various Spanish-speaking cultures.

Irish names are known for their unique sounds and rich history. A great example of an Irish name that means ’empty’ is “Corley,” which implies an empty space within a hill. It’s a rare name that can add a touch of whimsy and mystique to your baby’s identity.

Polish names often boast strong, vibrant tones. While there aren’t any direct translations for ’empty’ in Polish names, the name “Pusto” denotes emptiness in the Polish language. You may choose to adopt the name as a creative and modern option for your baby.

If you’re looking for an Indian name that conveys the meaning of emptiness, consider “Rikta.” This name generally means empty or devoid in the Bengali language. It’s a unique choice for parents seeking an Indian name that doesn’t sound too common.

As you explore various ideas for names that mean ’empty’, remember that each name has its own story and cultural background. It’s not only about choosing a name that has the desired meaning but also about embracing the richness of the language it originates from.

Japanese Names Which Mean Empty

If you’re looking for Japanese names with the meaning of empty, there are several options you can consider. In this section, you’ll find some popular Japanese names that have the meaning of “empty” or convey a sense of emptiness. These names are not only unique, but also carry a deeper meaning which can be quite meaningful to the bearer.

One such name is Chikara. A unisex name, Chikara means “empty, a thousand, sky, vacant.” It is both a charming and intriguing choice for a boy or girl’s name. Chikara is a versatile name that reflects a sense of endless possibilities.

Another fitting Japanese name that means “empty” is Kuuga. This name has a strong association with emptiness and space, essentially representing an open canvas for life’s experiences. This name can be quite an interesting choice for someone looking for a unique and distinctive Japanese name.

Rinku is another option for those interested in Japanese names meaning “empty.” While the name itself does not directly translate to “empty,” it conveys a sense of open space and freedom. Rinku is an appealing name that carries an air of mystery, making it an ideal option for those seeking a name with depth and significance.

Utsuho is a name that implies a sense of emptiness and hollowness in its meaning. This name has a certain allure to it, as it suggests the capacity to be filled with life’s experiences and adventures. With its evocative meaning, Utsuho can be a captivating choice for someone looking for a unique and meaningful Japanese name.

In conclusion, Japanese names that mean empty can provide an enticing option for those seeking a name with profound meaning. No matter which name you choose – Chikara, Kuuga, Rinku, or Utsuho – your child’s name will carry a sense of openness, possibility, and depth that will surely set them apart. Happy name-hunting!

Names That Illustrate Emptiness in Female Names

If you’re searching for unique and meaningful girl names that convey a sense of emptiness, you’ll find a few captivating options. These names carry deep meanings and can provide an opportunity for reflection and individuality. Let’s look at a few examples of female names connected to the themes of emptiness, chaos, and a sense of hollowness.

  • Choncha: Derived from the Spanish language, Choncha signifies an empty shell of an animal. This name is an intriguing choice if you’re looking for a name that embodies the idea of emptiness but with a touch of natural beauty.
  • Cassie: A Latin-inspired name, Cassie bears the meaning of empty. Simple yet elegant, Cassie may appeal to you if you’re seeking a name that is straightforward yet thought-provoking.
  • Euna: With its roots in Scottish, Euna is a beautiful girl’s name that denotes hunger and yearning. If you wish to express the idea of emptiness in a poetic sense, Euna could make an interesting and evocative choice.
  • Khaos: This bold and striking name is connected to the concept of disorder and confusion in Greek mythology. If you prefer your chosen name to have enigmatic appeal, Khaos is an ideal choice. It may also resonate with you if you’re drawn to mythological names.

To capture the essence of emptiness, you have an array of fascinating female names to choose from. Each name provides a unique and meaningful way to signify that empty feeling, whether it be through the concept of emptiness itself, nature, or a sense of longing. As you explore your options, keep in mind your desired tone and the sort of name that will best reflect your personal style and tastes.

Boy Names With The Meaning ‘Empty’

If you’re looking for boy names that mean “empty,” you’ve come to the right place. In this section, we’ll introduce a list of names that convey a sense of emptiness or hollowness. Here are some friendly suggestions that might resonate:

Cash – The name Cash is not only a trendy choice, but it also carries a unique meaning. It originates from the Latin “cassus,” which means “empty” or “hollow.” Your little boy will surely stand out with this stylish option.

Frisco – Another distinctive name is Frisco, derived from the word “fruscum,” a Latin term for empty or hollow. This name is perfect if you are a fan of the San Francisco city and want to add a meaningful touch to the name.

Ishbak – A rare and unique name is Ishbak. It holds the meaning “he is empty” in Hebrew and holds a deep connection to ancient history. This name is a great choice for parents who appreciate the charm of antiquity.

Loman – Derived from the Irish surname “Lomán,” this name signifies emptiness, specifically relating to being bare or devoid of foliage. Loman evokes a strong presence and offers a great connection to Irish heritage.

These boy names that mean empty carry a distinctive sense of depth and meaning behind them. Remember, choosing a name is an essential part of welcoming your baby into the world. Take your time, and pick the one that speaks to your heart and resonates with your unique style.

The Significance of Surnames That Mean ‘Empty’

In your exploration of surnames, you might come across some that carry the meaning of “empty” or similar concepts. It’s fascinating to delve into the history, origins, and meanings of these unique surnames.

One example of a surname that means “empty” is Ødegård, a Norwegian name that translates to “deserted farm.” This name likely originated from the combination of øde, meaning “deserted” or “empty,” and gård, meaning “farm” or “yard.” It’s possible that this surname was given to families that had once lived on an abandoned farm, which also carries the meaning of emptiness.

Another interesting surname is Rubalcava, a Spanish name that’s a habitational name for someone originally from the town of Rubalcaba in Cantabria, Spain. Though it doesn’t directly translate to “empty,” its origins and history may still be fascinating to explore.

It’s worth noting that some names, while not directly translating to “empty,” can still convey a similar concept. For instance, Euna is a female Scottish name that means “hunger,” symbolizing emptiness in a different sense.

Understanding the meanings behind surnames allows you to gain insights into the lives of your ancestors and the circumstances that shaped their identities. So, as you explore the world of surnames with the meaning of “empty,” you’ll not only learn about different cultures and languages but also about the diverse stories that lie hidden within the names.

Norse and Korean Names That Signify ‘Nothingness’

In your search for names that encapsulate the feeling of emptiness or nothingness, you might find interest in exploring some Norse and Korean options. These culturally rich names can convey a unique sense of solitude and tranquility.

One such Norse name is Emptigr, derived from the Old Norse words ’empty’ and ‘grasp.’ This name signifies someone who struggles to hold onto something or understand the world around them. In a way, it can symbolize an individual’s journey to find meaning in their life.

In the world of Korean names, you’ll come across Honja. This name means ‘alone,’ and it’s a unisex option. Choosing this name may reflect a personal journey of inner reflection and self-sufficiency or might simply be a nod to individualism and independence.

Another Norse name to consider is Ginnungagap. This name comes from Norse mythology and refers to the void or empty space that existed before the creation of the world. It perfectly symbolizes the concept of ‘nothingness’ and is a fantastic choice if you want a name with a deep connection to ancient lore.

As you explore these names, don’t forget the importance of context and meaning. A name that means empty or ‘nothingness’ can carry powerful symbolism and provide a strong connection to one’s inner journey. Embrace the beauty of these Norse and Korean names as they offer a unique perspective on emptiness and solitude.

Names Implying Spiritual Emptiness

Sometimes, you might be looking for a name that represents spiritual emptiness, enlightenment, or awakening. These names can hold deep meaning and signify a connection with one’s spiritual journey. Here are a few examples of such names:

Wukong: This name is derived from the Chinese words for “awakened to emptiness.” It became famous thanks to the character Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, from the 16th-century Chinese novel Journey to the West. Wukong represents a character who undergoes a significant transformation and spiritual growth.

Bodhi: With roots in Sanskrit, Bodhi means “awakening” or “enlightenment.” It is associated with the attainment of spiritual wisdom and is commonly found in Buddhist teachings. A popular choice for those seeking a name that signifies a deep connection to spirituality.

Satori: This Japanese name refers to the Zen Buddhist concept of sudden enlightenment. Satori can be considered the moment when one’s mind becomes unburdened from illusions and sees the true nature of reality. It’s a powerful name for those who want to evoke spiritual growth and self-discovery.

In your search for a name that reflects spiritual emptiness, you might also want to consider names related to enlightenment and awakening. These names can serve as gentle reminders of the spiritual journey you or your child may embark on:

Moksha: This name comes from the Sanskrit word for “liberation” or “release.” Moksha is a central concept in Hinduism and represents freedom from the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. It signifies the attainment of ultimate spiritual liberation and enlightenment.

Nirvana: Meaning “to extinguish” or “blowing out” in Sanskrit, Nirvana refers to the state of ultimate spiritual liberation in Buddhism. It signifies the end of suffering, worldly desires, and individual consciousness, representing the ultimate goal of enlightenment and peace.

By choosing one of these names, you are embracing the importance of spiritual emptiness, enlightenment, and awakening in your life. Remember, a name can be more than just a label; it can serve as a lifelong inspiration and reflection of your inner journey.

Character Names That Depict Emptiness

When creating a fictional character that embodies a feeling of emptiness, choosing the right name can help convey their essence. Below are a few names, drawn from different origins and traditions, that reflect a sense of emptiness or void.

One notable name is Wukong, which comes from ancient Chinese literature. A prominent figure in the 16th-century novel “Journey to the West,” Sun Wukong is known as the Monkey King, and his name means “awakened to emptiness”.

Another name that carries an air of emptiness is Cassiah. This feminine name has Latin and English origins, and it means “empty or vain”. A variant of this name is Cassia, which also shares the same meaning.

If you’re looking for a name with Japanese roots, consider Sora. Sora is a unisex name that can mean “sky,” but it can also carry a connotation of emptiness, as the Japanese character 空 (sora) can signify “empty” or “hollow”.

Exploring Arabic names, Zhali is a good option to express a feeling of void. This name means “empty, free, open”.

When naming your character, remember that the right choice can powerfully convey their unique qualities. So, as you delve into the world of names that mean empty, consider their cultural origins, nuances, and emotional impact to capture the essence of your character. Keep in mind that the characters you create will ultimately come to life through their experiences and interactions, and a fitting name is just one piece of the puzzle. Happy writing!

Greek Names That Mean ‘Empty’

Are you looking for Greek names that can carry the meaning of “empty”? Greek names are known for their strong meanings and historical significance. You’re in the right place! Here are a couple of Greek names that convey the idea of emptiness.

Khaos: This name means “emptiness” or “chaos” in Greek. It’s a unique and powerful name that would be perfect for a baby boy or even a fictional character who embodies a sense of void or chaos. Khaos originates from Greek mythology as the first deity that existed, representing the primordial state of the universe.

Zerot: The name Zerot is also of Greek origin and signifies “empty.” It can be an interesting option if you are looking for a gender-neutral name that connects to the concept of emptiness.

These are just a few examples of Greek names that carry the meaning of “empty.” Greek names offer a wide range of options to choose from, with various emotional and thematic connotations. Finding the perfect name to fit your needs or the character of your child can be a delightful experience.

As you explore these names further, you’ll discover beautiful histories, traditions, and meanings within the world of Greek names. Enjoy the journey of choosing a meaningful Greek name that resonates with the sense of emptiness as described in the examples above.

Biblical Names That Imply Emptiness

Sometimes, names in the Bible carry a sense of emptiness, reflecting the original Hebrew or Greek roots. Here are some biblical names that have implications of emptiness or related concepts.

Shav is a Hebrew name derived from the word “שָׁוְא” which means emptiness or vanity. In the Bible, it is often used to describe deceit, falsehood, or vanity in various contexts.

In 2 Kings 17:15, emptiness is associated with the concept of vanity, as it says, “And they followed vanity [that is, false gods, idols] and became vain (empty-headed).” This passage shows the emptiness resulting from a rejection of God’s commands and divergence from the right path.

Another name that implies an empty state is Ar which comes from the Hebrew root ערר (‘arar). This name carries the meaning of an accumulation in one place that results in emptiness or barrenness everywhere else. In the Bible, the adjectives derived from this root mean stripped, childless, or destitute.

While not directly related to emptiness, many biblical names contextualize emptiness within spiritual or emotional realms. Feelings of emptiness or the absence of fulfillment often result from turning away from God, as depicted in various Bible passages.

In your search for names with a sense of emptiness, you may find that the Bible offers an incredibly diverse and rich assembly of names, each with its unique origin and meaning. When exploring these names, remember that the tone of emptiness within them often serves a purpose, urging us to seek a more meaningful and spiritually fulfilling life.


Choosing a name that holds the meaning of “empty” can be a unique way to express an aspect of your child’s identity or capture a sentiment with deep philosophical roots. In Japanese culture, the name Sora carries both the meaning of “sky” and “emptiness.” A more literary example is the name Wukong, which means “awakened to emptiness” and comes from Chinese literature.

While some may see emptiness as negative, there can be a sense of peace and freedom associated with the concept. In Buddhist teachings, emptiness is a state of mind that allows one to see the world without attachment or delusion, ultimately leading to enlightenment.

Reflect on your reasons for embracing a name that embodies the concept of emptiness, and consider how it might be seen as both a powerful and serene quality, rather than just a void. By doing so, you’ll make a thoughtful choice that reflects a deep understanding of the many aspects of emptiness.

And remember, a name is just a small part of the person your little one will grow up to be. Their character and spirit will ultimately determine the meaning their name holds for them. Enjoy the journey of finding a name that truly resonates with you and your family, and let it serve as an inspiration for your child’s voyage through life.

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