Names That Mean Saved or Rescued: Best Friendly Guide

Choosing a name for a child is a significant decision in every culture, as a name often carries meaning and influence which can shape a person’s future. Names that mean saved or rescued hold a special significance, symbolizing hope, strength, and the triumph of overcoming adversity. Parents who choose such names may want their children to grow up with a sense of purpose, knowing that they carry a powerful meaning with them throughout their lives.

There are several names across various cultures that convey the idea of being saved or rescued. These names often have fascinating stories behind them and offer a chance for their bearers to identify with the essence of resilience. As children grow up, they can embrace their name’s message, embodying the spirit of perseverance and the value of a second chance.

Exploring names that embody these themes can be an inspiring journey for parents-to-be, as it offers a glimpse into the beautiful and diverse world of names and their meanings. Whether you are looking for inspiration or simply curious about the significance behind these names, this discussion on names related to saved or rescued is a perfect starting point.

Hebrew Names That Mean Saved Or Rescued

In this section, we explore a few Hebrew names that carry the meaning of being saved or rescued. These names are deeply rooted in religion and mythology, and have been used for generations to signify protection, salvation, and strength.


Isaiah is a popular Hebrew name meaning ‘Yahweh is salvation.’ This name carries a significant religious significance, as Isaiah was a major prophet in the Hebrew Bible. His prophetic writings emphasized themes like the need for justice, mercy, and righteousness. Over time, the name Isaiah has come to symbolize hope, faith, and the belief in the ultimate rescue and salvation by God.


Shiloh is a Hebrew name with a peaceful and soothing meaning – ‘the one to whom it belongs’ or ‘place of peace.’ In the Hebrew Bible, Shiloh refers to a place where the Israelites set up the Tabernacle and Ark of the Covenant. The name is also associated with a Messianic prophecy in Genesis, where it is believed to be the name of the future Messiah who would bring salvation and rescue to the world. Thus, Shiloh holds a significant religious connotation and can be a meaningful name choice for those seeking a name that represents peace, rescue, and divine intervention.


Pedahzur is a unique and lesser-known Hebrew name, meaning ‘the rock has redeemed’ or ‘redeemed by the rock.’ In the Hebrew Bible, Pedahzur was the father of Gamaliel, the leader of the tribe of Manasseh. The name holds a strong connection to faith and religion, invoking the imagery of a solid rock that protects and saves people from harm. With its unique sound and deep meaning, Pedahzur is a name that carries a sense of strength and the ability to overcome adversity through divine intervention.

Greek Names Meaning Saved Or Rescued

In this section, we will explore three Greek names that carry the meaning of being saved or rescued. These names hold significant value in Greek culture and some of them have roots in Greek mythology.


Elikai is a beautiful Greek name that means “God has saved.” This name holds a deep spiritual significance and often serves as a reminder of the divine intervention and protection one receives from higher powers. Being a unisex name, Elikai can be used for both boys and girls, making it a versatile choice for parents seeking meaningful names that represents strength and salvation.


Derived from Greek origins, Sosthenes is another powerful name that means “safe strength,” “savior,” “strong,” and “powerful.” This masculine name showcases the protective qualities of a savior and the incredible resilience of those who have been saved. In Greek culture, this name often symbolizes courage and the ability to rise above adversity, reflecting the inner strength of the person who bears it.


Spas is a short and unique Greek name that carries the meaning of “savior” or “rescuer.” Rooted in Greek mythology, this name pays tribute to the heroism and bravery of those who risk their lives to save others. Traditionally considered a male name, Spas is a bold choice for parents looking to instill a strong sense of purpose and protection in their child’s life.

In conclusion, Greek names like Elikai, Sosthenes, and Spas reflect the powerful meanings of being saved or rescued. These names not only embody the strength and courage found in Greek culture but also serve as a constant reminder of the protective and healing qualities inherent in their meanings.

Latin And Italian Names Signifying Rescue

The Latin and Italian languages have a rich history, and their influence can be seen in many names that carry potent meanings. In this section, we will explore two names that hold particular significance for their connotations of salvation and rescue.


Originating from Latin, Servaas is a friendly name that has deep roots in the idea of salvation and preservation. The name is derived from servatus, which means ‘saved’ or ‘preserved.’ As a result, those carrying the name Servaas share an innate connection to the concept of being saved.

This unique moniker serves as an excellent option for those seeking a name with protective and supportive qualities. The name Servaas embodies strength and hope, making it a fitting selection for those who appreciate its Latin roots and meaningful symbolism.


Salvatore is a popular Italian name with a powerful meaning. In Italian, Salvatore translates to ‘savior’ or ‘rescuer.’ The name’s origins can be traced back to the Latin word salvator, which shares the same meaning and significance.

As a popular choice for many Italian families, Salvatore encompasses a noble and protective spirit. It is often associated with both care and compassion, which are key qualities when it comes to providing safety and rescue.

The name Salvatore is an excellent choice for those who value its strong connections to the themes of salvation and rescue. With its Italian roots and Latin origins, Salvatore represents a powerful and caring presence in the lives of those who bear it.

By exploring these Latin and Italian names that signify rescue, you can discover meaningful and unique options for your name selections. The names Servaas and Salvatore offer strong connections to the concepts of salvation and rescue, providing an aura of protection, support, and compassion.

English, French, And German Names With Meanings Of Saved Or Rescued

In this section, we will explore a variety of English, French, and German names that carry the meaning of being saved or rescued. These names are not only beautiful but also hold significant meanings, making them perfect for the newborns and even for pets.


Ned is a charming English name that is short for Edward. Edward comes from the Old English “Eadweard” which means “rich or happy” and “guard.” Therefore, Ned implies a person who guards and protects, symbolizing the idea of saving or rescuing.


Grace is a beautiful and classic English name with multiple origins, including Latin, Old French, and Germanic. Derived from the Latin “Gratia,” Grace signifies God’s favor or mercy, allowing someone to be saved or rescued. It is a popular name for girls, known for its timeless elegance.


Lucky is a name with English roots that directly signifies being fortunate or favored by chance. It represents the idea of someone who has been saved or rescued by a stroke of luck. While predominantly used for boys, this name can also suit girls and even pets.


Salvador is a name with both Spanish and French origins, derived from the Latin “Salvator,” meaning “savior” or “one who saves.” This strong name embodies the idea of saving or rescuing and may be found beautiful by those who appreciate its rich history.


Salvino is a German name that also carries the meaning of saved or rescued. Rooted in the Old High German “Salavwîn,” it denotes someone who is strong and victorious in battle, which, in turn, implies a protector or rescuer during times of struggle.

In conclusion, whether you’re looking for English, French, or German names, Ned, Grace, Lucky, Salvador, and Salvino are all beautiful and meaningful choices that signify being saved or rescued.

Names In Other Languages That Mean Saved Or Rescued


Dara is a unisex name with various origins. It means “wisdom” in Khmer but also represents a “compassionate male” in Hebrew. In Persian, Dara means “wealthy” and can be found in the story of a warrior who fought for his people, acting as their savior.


Ratchika is a Sanskrit-origin name, predominantly given to girls. It translates to “savior” or “protector.” This name carries a strong essence of new beginnings and redemption.

Salbatora / Salvadora

Salbatora and Salvadora are variants of the same name in Spanish and Catalan languages, respectively. Both mean “savior” and are often given to girls who symbolize new beginnings, rebirth, and protection.

Xalbadora / Xalvador

These unique names in the Catalan language translate to “savior”. Xalbadora is designed for girls, while Xalvador is for boys. Both names signify the characteristics of a warrior who saves, rescues, and redeems people in need.


Zara is a popular girl’s name with multiple meanings. In Arabic, it stands for “princess” or “flower”, but in Hebrew, it has a connection to a new beginning or birth. This name embodies a redeemed, rescued, and protected essence.


Kaida is a Japanese-origin name meaning “little dragon”. As dragons are often considered powerful and majestic creatures, Kaida symbolizes strength and protection. It is suitable for both boys and girls, highlighting a warrior-like spirit.


In Dutch and other European languages, Abel is a boy’s name that means “breath” or “vigour.” The name represents birth and new beginnings, and its bearer can be seen as a warrior, rescuing and protecting those around them.


Sasha is a unisex name, commonly given to both boys and girls. In Russian and Bulgarian languages, it means “defender” or “protector.” The name carries a sense of rebirth, redemption, and protection, making it an ideal choice for rescued dog names or children who embody these characteristics.

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